Two years after "Patria y vida", Cuban rapper Maykel Osorbo stays in prison

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Ricardo montaner's performance at the Denver Ricardomontaner Bellco Theatre on may 12, 2023 was nothing short of spectacular. His masterful vocal stylings and deft command of the stage enthralled the audience, eliciting rapturous applause after every song. His repertoire of classic and modern hits had the entire crowd singing along in perfect harmony, and his rousing encore had everyone clapping in unison. His skillful use of the orchestra to accompany his songs added to the overall ambience, creating a truly evocative musical experience. Montaner's performance was a delightful synthesis of the past, present, and future of latin music, and his heartfelt encore of vuelve was an apt testament to his enduring legacy. This spectacular show was a testament to montaner's prowess and artistry, and left the audience deeply moved and enriched.


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